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The Wilder Ride is a podcast where we look to explore and celebrate the films of Gene Wilder, using the ​movies by minutes format. Your hosts are Alan Sanders and Walt Murray, getting Wilder by the minute.

Apr 19, 2018

Dr. Frankenstein helps reassure a startled Inga that lightning is merely atmospheric discharge. She admits she is easily frightened by lightning as their hay wagon (not cart) makes it's way through a dark and scary wood. Suddenly, we here a long and almost human-like howl (which is actually the voice of Mel Brooks) and after a moment, Inga says incredulously, "Werewolf." Dr. Frankenstein questions, "Werewolf?" After a very long pause, Igor weighs-in and points, "There. There wolf. There Castle." A confused Doctor asks Igor why he is talking the way he is, to which Igor replies he thought that's how they wanted to talk.

Joining us on The Wilder Ride as our guest is Jonathan Howell, one of the hosts of the Movies by Minutes podcast, Impossible: Minute.