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The Wilder Ride is a podcast where we look to explore and celebrate the films of Gene Wilder, using the ​movies by minutes format. Your hosts are Alan Sanders and Walt Murray, getting Wilder by the minute.

May 16, 2019

Bart finishes reading the note handed to him at the table, causing the Waco Kid to do a spit-take with his beer. It appears Lili von Shtupp wants to see the sheriff in her dwessing woom after da show. We cut back to her changing room where there is a knock at the door. She goes through her welcomes again and Bart enters with a single red rose. Lili takes it, saying, "A wed wose, how womantic." She suggest Bart take a seat and then asks if she can slip into something a little bit more comfortable? Bart gives her a slow look, starting at her feet and working his gaze up to hers. Finally he tells her, "Pitter, baby." This gets a reaction out of Lili, close to a blush. She then disappears behind her changing screen.

Tierney Steele has always talked too much about movies and finally the people are listening! You can find her co-hosting Return to Oz Minute, The NeverEnding Minute, MASH Minute, and Joe Versus the Minute. When she takes off her podcaster cape, Tierney magically transforms into a librarian and mom.

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