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The Wilder Ride is a podcast where we look to explore and celebrate the films of Gene Wilder, using the ​movies by minutes format. Your hosts are Alan Sanders and Walt Murray, getting Wilder by the minute.

Dec 23, 2020

In this episode we get to chat with Ryan Rebalkin, a member of the Canadian Navy as well as being a podcaster and a rising YouTube first-reaction host. We start by asking what drew Ryan to join the military. We also chat about his career, his specialty and what he is currently doing. Then we jump to his first step into the world of podcast, choosing the Rocky franchise as his subject. Over time, two other Stallone-related shows came along and now all three work together under a single banner. Ryan also hosts another show called, Worst of the Best. Additionally, he has a couple of YouTube channels where he records his "first reactions" to various entertainment offerings.


Walt recommends catching up on the show, Brockmire, streaming on Hulu. He is also enjoying the reality show, Moonshiners Master Distiller, also on Hulu. Finally, both he and Alan cannot speak highly enough of The Manadolorian. Each episode seems to find a way to surpass the prior. Ryan suggests the Netflix show, The Crown. He also likes Kingdom (the MMA inspired one) on Netflix. Alan said, with the holidays, they always watch at least two flicks: Love Actually and Die Hard. After that, he said he just caught the live-action, Mulan, on Disney+ and thoroughly enjoyed it.


Walt is still reading the book, "Texas Ranger: The Epic Life of Frank Hammer." He said he plans to finish it and the other couple of books he's mentioned over the break. Ryan is reading, "Proof of Heaven." Alan is reading the autobiography, "One Hell of a Ride: The Investigative Life of a DEA Agent," written by Pierre "Pete" Charette. Pete was interviewed by Alan on his radio show and Alan was blown away by this real-life hero battling the drug lords here and overseas.


Walt has two podcasts he wants to recommend: Good Ol' Grateful Dead Cast and The Dirty Harry Minute. Ryan, who is a member of a collection of shows, also had several to suggest: The No Redeeming Qualities Podcast, State Your Take, Cult 45, Ramblings with Rob, Your New Best Friends, 1 Big Toilet, The Week-Ended Take, The Worst of the Best and Who Are These Podcasts? Since we are still in the holidays, Alan recommended the SiriusXM station, "Holly," (channel 105) for it's mix of new, upbeat and traditional songs. As to podcasts, his shout-outs this week include: The Worst of the Best, The Sly Cast, Going the Distance, The Rocky Minute, 60MW Podcast, The Golden Rage of TV (on YouTube), The Real Queens of Queens, BK on the Air Escape Pod Podcast, Geek to Me Radio, Indiana Jones Minute and Radio Labyrinth.

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