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The Wilder Ride is a podcast where we look to explore and celebrate the films of Gene Wilder, using the ​movies by minutes format. Your hosts are Alan Sanders and Walt Murray, getting Wilder by the minute.

Sep 1, 2021

In this episode, hosts Alan Sanders and Walt Murray sit down with Dustin Lollar, a podcaster and YouTube producer for Radio Labyrinth. We start with Dustin's first brushes with the show and how he and Jeff Lieboff actually crossed paths first. They both love the films of Kevin Smith and met on a dedicated Facebook group. As Dustin become more and more of a fan of the podcast, Radio Labyrinth, he started doing some artwork and even created a private group for the show called The Radio Shack. As time passed, he was brought on the show from time to time. In July of 2020, Dustin suggested porting the content to YouTube and volunteered to edit and produce the stream. Over the last year, he has been building what is basically a side cast to the main podcast. He has become a regular, diving head long into the editing of both audio and video content, while still being an admin for the private group. As we wrap the interview, he hopes to keep pushing the shows even more as the listening and viewing audience continues to grow.

After the interview, Dustin hangs out as Walt dives into the movie review. Ironically, Dustin not only saw the same terrible movie, but also likes to watch those kinds of films. He even suggested one for Walt to add to his list.

Next, Alan and Walt dive into the strange news segment. They finish with the entertainment segment where they all discuss what they have been watching, reading and listening to.


Walt binged through the Netflix docu-series, Heist. He is also re-watching Santa Clarita Diet and caught the documentary, Inventing David Geffen. Alan highly recommends the self-produced film, Val, about Val Kilmer. He also kept up with some of his favorite YouTube channels: Ashleigh Burton, who reacted to The Neverending Story, Big and Forest Gump; Popcorn in Bed, who reacted to Fury and Blade Runner; and, The Daily Doug. Doug Helvering, a prior season guest, reacted to Metallica's, "Blackened," song and then mentioned a YouTube channel called, ProjectMetallica. There, the fans of ...And Justice for All remixed the songs, bringing up the bass of new member, Jason Newsted. They call their version, ...And Justice for Jason. Dustin suggest the Hulu show, Reservation Dogs, Ted Lasso on Apple TV, UFO on Showtime and The Empty Man on HBO Max.


Alan finished reading, "The Importance of Being a Parent, Not a Friend," by Eden Pontz. Dustin loves reading anything by Stephen King, having just finished the audiobook, "Billy Summers."


Walt has been listening to The Best of John Coltrane. Alan remarked it must be the influence of Bosch, since he had done the same thing! Alan listened to Nightwish live at Wacken from 2013. He also listened to the album, Moving Pictures, by Rush, saying it is perfect from start to finish. As to podcasts, Alan suggests The Great Escape Minute, Radio Labyrinth and 60MW Podcast. Dustin has been diving back into the discography of Tom Waits. For a podcast, he suggests Your Mom's House.