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The Wilder Ride is a podcast where we look to explore and celebrate the films of Gene Wilder, using the ​movies by minutes format. Your hosts are Alan Sanders and Walt Murray, getting Wilder by the minute.

May 19, 2021

In this episode, hosts Alan Sanders and Walt Murray chat with photographer, Gene Ho, about his career and being selected to document the Donald J. Trump campaign. As usual, the show opens with Alan and Walt recapping their week. Walt manages to keep his voice through most of the show, but he is still on-the-mend from a recent bout with laryngitis. Both Alan and Walt have been slammed with work and home repair/renovation projects.

Once Gene Ho hits the stage, we learn how he stumbled across photography in college. After falling in love with the field, he started doing wedding shoots. He was in the right place to get a gig with the wedding of an Atlanta cheerleader. As he mentions, once you get that first foot in the door, he was able to get more of them to hire him. From that point forward, he was climbing on a rocket. As his business grew he had a chance to attend an event where Donald J. Trump was attending. Gene Ho was hired by a magazine to take pictures. Within a couple weeks of that event, Gene got a handwritten message from Donald Trump complementing him for his work. One thing led to another and Gene was asking to be the photo-documentarian of the Trump campaign.

Being on the road, photographing hundreds of events over two years really gave Gene a full perspective of the man and the campaign. After the election, Gene worked to release a book called, Trumpography and is now running for the mayor of his home city of Myrtle Beach, SC.

After Gene Ho's interview, Alan and Walt moved into the horrible movie review segment. They then covered crazy news and wrapped with the Entertainment segment.


Walt is catching up on The Falcon and the Winter Soldier episodes. He also watched three films that recently dropped on Amazon Prime: Galaxy Quest, 48 Hours and Buckaroo Banzai. Alan got into a music documentary kick over the last week. He recommends Rush - Beyond the Lighted Stage, ZZ Top - That Little Band from Texas and Echo in the Canyon. He also started the new HBO Max limited series, Mare of Easttown, with Kate Winslet and loves it. He is continuing watching episodes of season 2 of the classic Star Trek. Alan did call out the episode, "Mirror, Mirror," as a particularly good one he just watched. He also finished The Falcon and the Winter Soldier and really liked it. He had one overall criticism over the age of the antagonist, but not enough to ruin the overall feeling.


Walt finally finished the book, "Running with the Devil," about Van Halen.


Walt gives a shoutout to The Dirty Harry Minute and their latest coverage of Dead Pool. He is also listening to SmartLess, Radio Labyrinth and History of the Marine Corps. He makes a special call-out to follow astronaut, Shane Kimbrough, on his social media. Shane was a guest last season and is currently on the International Space Station. Alan is listening to the Indiana Jones Minute as they are back to breaking down the fourth film after their hiatus. He is also listening to This Means Something, the Close Encounters of the Third Kind podcast. And, he was recently on the Spotlight Reflection TV show on the 60MW Podcast.

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