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The Wilder Ride is a podcast where we look to explore and celebrate the films of Gene Wilder, using the ​movies by minutes format. Your hosts are Alan Sanders and Walt Murray, getting Wilder by the minute.

Aug 3, 2018

The minute continues with Elizabeth finishing her operatic joy in the embrace of the monster. We then cut to Inspector Kemp and the villagers continuing their search for the monster. We notice the Inspector points with the wrong arm and has his patch on the incorrect eye. In fact, his badge is on the wrong side of his uniform and even a villager is holding a rifle left-handed. It seems they had to reverse the film to make this scene work properly in terms of moving from right to left across the screen. We then return to the lair where the monster, seemingly no longer afraid of fire, has lit two cigarettes. He then gives one to Elizabeth. They are both quite content with each other. As Elizabeth cuddles up to the monster, asking a penny for his thoughts, he responds with a groan. She chastises him for being incorrigible and then admits seven is her lucky number. We end just as they are about to embrace again.

Joining us for one last day as our guest on the Wilder Ride is Pete Mummert, one of the hosts on the hugely popular, Indiana Jones Minute.

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