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The Wilder Ride is a podcast where we look to explore and celebrate the films of Gene Wilder, using the ​movies by minutes format. Your hosts are Alan Sanders and Walt Murray, getting Wilder by the minute.

Oct 28, 2021

In this episode, hosts Alan Sanders and Walt Murray and joined by Ian Willett, a podcast listener and champion of indie podcasts. Ian is a rare find in any audience. He enjoys listening to hundreds of podcasts each month. So, lots of people do that, right? What Ian does to set himself apart from so many others is by taking a few moments to thank them! He appreciates the time and effort that goes into creating an episode, so he makes sure to share the episode online. It's amazing how few will take just a minute to hit the "share" button on their pod-catcher and post something on social media. Ian doesn't just do that from time-to-time. He does it with every episode. And, on top of the individual attention, he puts out several posts every Friday, listing all podcasts he listens to. In many ways, Ian acts like a part of each podcast's marketing team. Ian helps to spread the word and grow the audience. Alan and Walt wanted to bring him on, not only to thank Ian, but also to shine a well-deserved spotlight on him.

Building People Up

While chatting, Ian discusses the first podcast he started to listen to and how it's grown to where it is today. They also chat about the sites and sounds of where they grew up and where they are today. It's a fantastic conversation that helps remind us, it's not hard to be kind, to do nice things for others and to appreciate the work of others. Social media makes it very easy to tear people down. Ian Willett is a guy who is doing his part to build people up and shine a light on their efforts.

Once the interview piece concludes, Ian hangs out as Walt reviews another film he had to watch based on their weekly poll in their Facebook Group. Then, Alan and Walt share a few news stories that may have not made the local outlets. Finally, all three weigh-in on the entertainment segment, letting the audience know what they have been watching, reading and listening to over the past week.


Walt suggests the documentary, The Amazing Johnathon on Hulu. He also notes Tommy Boy, Jaws and Talladega Nights are all streaming this month. Finally, he really likes Ted Lasso on Apple TV. Alan went on a binge, watching Black Widow, finishing the series, What If...? on Disney+, Harry Potter movies 1-5 and Cry Macho on HBOMax. Alan also watched season's 2 and 3 of the Netflix series, The Movies that Made Us. Ian and his wife have been watching The Prodigal Son. Also, Ian has made a point of watching the Halloween movies for the first time, having watched 1 and 2 thus far.


Alan is still trying to make time to read, "Dune," by Frank Herbert to get ready for the newest attempt to hit screens from director Denis Villeneuve. Ian has been going through the Stephen King novels via audio books. He finished Carrie and is halfway through Salem's Lot. Ian also recommends the audio book, "Sandman," by Neil Gaiman. Ian said the production value is incredible.


Walt caught The Dead and Co. live in concert and loved it. As to podcasts, for those who like true crime, he suggests The Murdaugh Murders. Alan just got Iron Maiden's 17th studio Album, Senjetsu, and thinks it may be one of their finest albums. He also suggests the New Age album Deep Breakfast by Ray Lynch for some trippy relaxation. Alan also revisted the Vangelis score to Blade Runner. As for podcasts, he suggests 60MW and The Great Escape Minute. Ian reminds everyone to follow him on Twitter @BitDead77 to get all of the shows he listens to. However, he did suggest a few he had just finished, including True Crime Campfire, Casefile, Riddle Me That and Chad (which is related to the game, Fallout).

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