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The Wilder Ride is a podcast where we look to explore and celebrate the films of Gene Wilder, using the ​movies by minutes format. Your hosts are Alan Sanders and Walt Murray, getting Wilder by the minute.

Nov 3, 2020

In this episode we are joined by long-time comedy writer, Steve O'Donnell whose credits include Late Night with David Letterman, The Chris Rock Show, Jimmy Kimmel Live, Norm Macdonald Live and more. We learned about Steve's upbringing in a large Irish Catholic family and how he worked his way into being a comedy writer for network television. We discussed his foray into some television scripts for Seinfeld and The Simpsons. Steve O'Donnell's latest work was with Norm Macdonald on his podcast before the pandemic and now he's wondering if he might be semi-retired. It was an amazing two hours spent with a person with four television Emmy Awards and who has been nominated 17 more times thus far in his career.

Walt is continuing to watch Halt and Catch Fire on Netflix. He also highly recommends Neat on Hulu. It is a documentary on the history of bourbon. He is also watching My Guest Needs No Introduction with David Letterman on Netflix. Alan commented on finally seeing the animate movie The Killing Joke based on the Alan Moore story and didn't like it at all. He is set to watch his two favorite Halloween ghost movies, Poltergeist and Ghostbusters.

Walt is still powering through Jerry Seinfeld's new book. Steve has gone back to read some classics about isolation and lockdown in honor of Covid-19. He suggests checking out, "Robinson Crusoe," "The Count of Monte Cristo," and "The Borrowers." Alan, in preparation for the 5th of November is re-reading the 10 part graphic novel series, "V for Vendetta."

Walt has two podcasts to suggest. The first is called, In the Red Clay, a podcast about the Dixie mafia. The other is called, Basking in the Shade. He has also gotten the album, "Wildflowers and All the Rest -- The Deluxe Edition," by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers and loves it! Steve listens to the podcast, You Must Remember This, about the golden age of Hollywood. He likes to listen to podcasts hosted by Adam Corolla, Conan O'Brien and Weezy Palanker. He also recommends, Comedy Bang Bang with Scott Ockerman. Alan suggests subscribing to The Marine Corps Movie Minute, Rocky Minute, Indiana Jones Minute, The Real Queens of Queens, The Bad Cop Bad Cop Show and 60MW Podcast.

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